Hot Guys You Can Actually Meet: Matthew

Le très chaud Matthew

“I am a 28 year-old actor, home in the states after 4 years acting, working and studying at the Sorbonne in Paris; looking for the right grad school now. I’ve lived in Europe for 8 years now, but love being back in the good ol’ States. I speak German, Italian and French really well; and study latin every day too. I guess I am nerd; but a good actor. My passion? Swimming and the mountains! (oxymoronic, I know) And all night long, slow sex.”

Geil! And if that doesn’t have you going, he offers his AIM screen name freely to anyone who’d like to buddy him.

AIM: fuseologue

Go ahead, ask him what ‘fuseologue’ means.

michaelmangia_thumb.jpgconnexion_stephenthumbnail.jpg mypartner_m_32517thumbnail1.jpg mypartner_m_22671thumbnail1.jpg mypartner_m_40716thumbnail1.jpg

If YOU would like to be featured here, email me with a link to your profile.


1 Response to “Hot Guys You Can Actually Meet: Matthew”

  1. 1 matt
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 11:41 am

    thanks so much for the great write-up!



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