Hot Cowboys

cauboy.jpgheavilyinkedcowboy.jpgbendovercowboy.jpgcadillaccowboy.jpgcowboygalen.jpgredbandanastud.jpgSlouchThanks, John Balma!Thanks, John Balma!Another Will Lowe

cowboy.jpgWill Lowe of the Wolfpack

Even though I was born a Yankee, in Detroit, I wasn’t there long enough for it to take. I have always identified with my genteel Virginia/Louisiana roots and my western pioneering spirit.

My best friend dubbed me “Cowboy” fifteen years ago. It stuck. Then Sam and I recently discovered rodeo and our love for it, and that just made it seem all the more fitting. I had another nickname, “Killer” that I’ve had since I was about 3, but only Mom has ever called me that, and a “Killer of the Day” page didn’t sound like as much fun.

I’m gonna do my best to feature real cowboys here, but I might have to cave for some fake ones when the shots are hot. Thing is, they might not be undressed, but the real cowboys are actually hotter, ’cause you know they can ride.

The images will be thumbnailed here, and divided by month to keep the bandwidth down. That said, welcome pardner, to Lovesick Billy’s Cowboy of the Day.

or email me at lovesickbilly@mac.com

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