The Lovesick Questions: Sam Page

sam-page3.jpgI’ll be asking these five questions of various sexy people, starting with my husband, Sam Page. If you don’t know Sam, he’s the self-described “ex-Mormon, reformed porn star & fitness coach” co-founder of HERO Magazine, and publisher of peacelovelunges, to whom I’m married.

If you could have sex with anyone from all of history, just once, whom would it be?

I wished I could be one of the hot invitees to Nero’s parties back in the heyday. You know, I read they used to have naked human torches dipped in oil? Off the hook!

Okay, now seriously, I think it would have to be John F. Kennedy, Jr. I always thought he was scorching hot, plus he published a magazine!

What is your most memorable romantic moment?

On night 2 of our honeymoon in Ibiza, we walked down through the old city to grab a couple beers. As we rounded the corner of one of the old stone buildings, there was the most perfect, spectacular full moon—cascading moonlight on the ancient walkways and shadows. I told Bronson: “When I die, I want you to remember this moment—how beautiful, how perfect.” It really was sublime.

About what are you most passionate?

You, the boys, my clients, my blog, my health. They all make me a better person. I am also fascinated by politics.

What have you learned about love?

Love is free and unconditional. It’s beautiful and also hard. I like to remember that line from Six Feet Under when Clare asks Nate: “Why do people have to die?” Nate tells her, “To make life worth living.” It has taken me a long time to understand what love is, and what it isn’t. If you’re lucky, you learn it early. If you’re not, you have to make the most of the time you have left. Love is a gift–freely given, freely received.

What’s in your night stand?

A pair of glow in the dark sunglasses that actually light up when you turn them on. Let’s see, what else? The HERO Magazine Office Manager Manual (don’t ask me how it got there), aloe vera gel, cock rings. A manicure set. Meds. Old journals. The “Dangerous Book for Boys” and “The Leatherman’s Handbook.” Oh yeah, and a Harper’s Weekly.

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2 Responses to “The Lovesick Questions: Sam Page”

  1. 1 A boy for training
    Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    You guys turn me on so much. You are the envy of my friends.

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