Hot Canadian Mountie Sex

File this under hot uniform action.

According to the UPI wire, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Victoria, British Columbia has ordered the resignation of Constable Trent Richards, 34, who admits to having had sex at least 15 times with at least four women, while on duty.

Evidently he posted his profile on internet dating sites offering “sex with a hot cop” and posted his photo in uniform. Woof.

Even after Richards was notified he was the center of a conduct investigation, he continued to have on-duty sex as recently as 2006. Now that’s dedication to purpose.

If they had been men, I would be building a shrine to him in our home.

Trent doesn’t didn’t deny the allegations. Instead, he took cues from American politicians and religious fundamentalists: he offered a tearful apology and said he was undergoing counseling. At least he didn’t say he was picking up toilet paper.

The power of a uniform is truly staggering. Put it on and you become an extension of the government it represents. Get a hot poke by someone wearing one, and you’re essentially getting poked by the government. Of course, we’ve been screwed by our government for so long, we don’t think anything of it.

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