Hillary Clinton is to Heath Ledger as Bill Clinton is to Ennis Del Mar

hillarypainting.jpgHillary Clinton is to Heath Ledger as Bill Clinton is to Ennis Del Mar.

We were sad about the loss of Heath Ledger. We were really mourning the loss of Ennis.

I’m not so much about Hillary, as much as I am about the return to a Clinton White House. Like many, I’m down with any “Billness” that we can bring back to this country – blow jobs and all. Life was good then.

Unfortunately, I don’t think she can swing it, because plain and simple, she’s just not as inspiring as Barack Obama, and that’s coming from someone who literally has that 15 square foot painting (above left) of her on the wall in his office. Barack chokes me up faster than Brokeback; Hillary just doesn’t.

I think she’d make one helluva VP; and with Barack John Fitzgerald Robert Martin Luther King Kennedy Obama in the number one spot, and Hills as co-pilot, they could really take all the marbles and hit the ground running.

Plus, Barack Obama would be the safest man in the world; at least as safe as W.

Of course, that would make Hillary Clinton the Dem photo-negative of Dick Cheney in some ways, which fits, because Barack Obama is the Dem photo-negative of W.

* Ten years ago, I saw a picture of Hillary on the cover of the National Enquirer with the headline, “Hillary’s Affairs” and kept it. They’d photoshopped the black space between her lips to make an ordinary candid photo of her mid-word, into something suddenly lurid, like she was whistling at a waiter, or saying, “Ooh, I’d like some of that.” This painting is the result, and when I was single, it used to hang over the head of my bed. I thought it was funny. Others found it disturbing.

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