I grew up on country music. Mom (Conny Van Dyke) recorded for the Barnaby label with Ray Stevens when I was a kid. In fact, Ray gave me my nickname, Killer. In Florida, country was always there in the background, even through the 80’s.

Sam and I are into this whole rodeo thing of late, and him being from Utah (and all) we both have an affinity for country and the wide open spaces. So, to our friend Paul Horne’s chagrin, we’ve been listening to more country. This past week I discovered Josh Turner and bought his latest, Everything is Fine, and it is great. Firecracker hooked me, and the rest of it won me over for good. There’s a song called Soulmates on it, that immediately made me think of Sam, but soon after that, I thought that country and I might be soulmates as well. It feels familiar. It feels right. If nothing else, it’s a nice break from Tiësto.


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