Taking the Bull by the Horns

All is quiet on New Year’s Day. It’s 7:30 and Sam’s still asleep. It wasn’t for a lack of rest since we got into bed at 7pm, and soon thereafter began two twenty-something minute deep meditation podcasts: one on Letting Go, and the second on Healing. So he’s in bed languishing in the extra hour of sleep: a luxury we don’t often get.

Sam has patiently, gently requested more little vacations and adventures out of town, and our schedules haven’t permitted them in 2007, so we’re putting more of them on the sked in 2008. We’re starting with rodeo school on January 18th, to learn Chute Dogging, with an eye to competing in the LA Rodeo, June 20-22.

This event is designed to give even the novice a chance to compete in rough stock events. The steer and the contestant both start in the bucking chute and face a 60-second time limit. When the chute gate opens, the contestant must bring the steer out to a 10-foot line in front of the chute, and then attempt to wrestle, or “dog” the steer to the ground. The contestant will turn the steer’s head up and toward the steer’s shoulder, hoping the steer will fall over on it’s other shoulder, causing all four feet to point in the same direction as the head was turned. If the steer is contrary and falls the other way, it is termed a “dog fall” and the contestant can either attempt to turn the head the same direction or let the steer up and start over. In this event either the contestant “dogs” or gets “dogged.”

The best part is that we are entering this period without expectations. It’s kinda like what I learned from screenwriting. Don’t sit down to write a screenplay. Sit down to write two pages, but sit down to do it regularly, and in about 50 days or so, you have a screenplay. So, we’re just going with it daily. I can’t help but laugh because I think of the AA motto, “One Day at a Time”, which is a good guideline. In fact, I am going to do my best to implement more of that motto in my daily life. At the end of the day, was I productive? Kind? Helpful? Loving? Creative? Peaceful? That’s the plan.


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