Divorce is Bad for the Planet

A Michigan State University study shows that divorce affects the environment.

In the US alone, in 2005, because of the splits, an additional 73 billion Kilowatt-hours of electricity and 627 billion gallons of water were used. Thirty-eight million extra rooms were needed, plus the heating and lighting to go with them.

Divorced households use from 42 to 61 percent more resources than intact families, and those who get divorced wind up using more resources: as much as 46% more electricity and 56% more water than before.

And with divorce rates rising worldwide, that means more of us will be having irreconcilable differences with Mother Earth. 55% divorce in Sweden. Compare that to .13% in Guatemala – that’s *point*-one-three percent. Divorce is down in the US, but not because we’re working it out or marrying smarter, it’s because we’re not getting married as much. (Kinda like unemployment going down because fewer people are looking for jobs.)

The answer? Take your time, raise your self-awareness, communicate, marry smart, admit your own faults instead of pointing out your partner’s, after all you married for better or worse. And don’t go into marriage considering divorce an option – not even in jest. Lots of things are disposable, but people aren’t. Work it out, if not for you, then for the planet, and pose your love dilemmas to Lovesick Billy. I’ll reply by candelight.

Michigan State University (2007, December 5). A Really Inconvenient Truth: Divorce Is Not Green. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 6, 2007, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/12/071203190625.htm


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