“Separate Rooms?”

Dear Lovesick Billy,
I’m going home with my (serious) boyfriend for Christmas to meet his family for the first time. I’m excited, but there’s a problem. My boyfriend’s family is pretty liberal, so his mother asked him whether he and I would need separate sleeping accommodations. Without asking me, he told her we would be sleeping together. Here’s the thing: we’re not strictly celibate but we are not having intercourse. I do stay at his place often. I really see a future with this man and I want his family to like me. Then again, I don’t want to be a problem guest, either.
Thank you,
Grace, Indiana

Dear Grace,
Even if they are liberal, what could it hurt to show the respect and sleep apart? Just laugh it off by saying something like, “Are you kidding? The way he snores? I’ll take the spare room.” If there is no other room, and it means that someone gets the couch, it gives him the chance to display his chivalry by taking it.

If he puts you on the couch, I hope you’re spending your sleepless night reevaluating the relationship.

The other question is your boyfriend’s decision on one room without consulting you. There’s just about no decision so small that the people affected don’t like to be asked. Learn this early and avoid a world of hurt.


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